Siberian purification

Leia Siberi puhastuseks sobiv palsami kogus lähtuvalt enda kaalust


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Advice for using 10% CEDAR BALSAM.

This unique body purification system was taught by a Siberian shaman. He said: ‘If you do it every year, you will never grow old.’

During purification, the stomach and blood vessels are cleansed. Blood vessels become more elastic and, as a result, blood pressure self-regulates. Very effective for joint pain.

It cures inflammation of the gallbladder, colon, and small intestine, restores intestinal microflora, regulates metabolism, and improves a person’s overall tone and energy.

‘Siberian purification’ is simple and normally does not create stress for body, but gently and slowly initiates the purification and healing processes at the cellular level. As a result of the purification, human chromosome lines are restored. Such a profound effect is seldom achieved, and only when using specialized complex homeopathic treatment systems. When you start drinking cedar resin, your immunity will be the first thing to improve, as resin is one of the strongest antiseptics. The number of phagocytes in the blood rises, destroying viruses and disease-causing foreign bodies. This means that we get rid of many disease-causing bacteria, viruses and parasites. As a result, the potential energy that ensures the life of bacteria and parasites is released. All of the glands and organs in the body work more intensively and efficiently.

Regeneration of all tissues and cells in the body then begins, i.e. regeneration and purification of everything old that the cells previously found difficult to get rid of. At this point, a chronic illness may get worse. You have to keep track here – if you feel unwell, the treatment must be stopped and you can begin again in a few months. The purification process will be easier the second time. The effectiveness of the cleaning also depends on what you eat during it (it is recommended that you consume more fresh, raw and vegetarian foods and reduce or remove meat from your diet). In order for the body to recover and rebuild, the cells must be provided with clean and healthy material.

To cleanse, you will need a 3–5 ml insulin syringe without a needle, which you can use as a doser. On the first day of purification, take 5 units (1 unit = 0.025 ml) of the product on an empty stomach (1 drop can also be taken with a pipette). After that, do not eat or drink anything for 15 minutes. If you cannot stand the bitter taste, you can some drink water, but it would be better to simply brush your teeth. On the second day, drink 10 units (two drops), on the third day 15 units (3 drops), continuing every day by adding 5 units. As the amounts increase, we recommend using a 5 ml syringe without a needle. On the fortieth day, you will reach 200 units (5 ml). Starting the next day, begin reducing the dose by 5 units. The cleaning process takes a total of 79 days. In the first 40 days you reach a new level of energy, during which time the memory of your cells is opened and restored, the recovery processes start very deep, at the DNA level. A person usually begins to feel the effects of purification at this time.

The dosage is calculated for a person of average build. If you weigh 80–100 kg, start with 7–8 units and increase the amount by 7–8 units every day. However, if you weigh more than 100 kg, use 10 units of 10% cedar resin.

Balsam used for Siberian Purification:

  Body weight   up to 80 kg 80 - 100 kg over 100 kg
 Units (1 unit = 0.025 ml)  5 7 10
 Total used 200 ml 280 ml 400 ml






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