Important Notice. Ringing Cedars of Russia™ original products have a hologram sticker!

As the 10 ruble banknote with a hologram has been withdrawn from circulation in Russian Federation, 10 ruble notes initially added to the packaging of cedar oil to mark the original products and combat counterfeiting will no longer be used. As of June 2011 there is a unique hologram sticker on all Ringing Cedars of Russia™ products that help to identify true products from counterfeit. It is not possible to compare hologram stickers on our website, they can only be visually compared on the product.

Important Notice. Shelf life of the Ringing Cedars of Russia™ products!
In European Union it is common that products with limited shelf life have a “Best before” date. In Russian Federation there is a system under which production date is marked on the packaging instead of the last day of the shelf life. In addition to production date the period for storage is also marked on the packaging, e.g. “Срок годности 12 месяцев” (Shelf life 12 month).

Therefore it should not be assumed, based on the date marked on the packaging of The Ringing Cedars of Russia™ products, that they have expired. To calculate the shelf life of the product, the period for storage should be added to the production date.

The expiration date is marked as follows:

In the form of a day and a month if the shelf life of the food is up to 3 month
In the form of a month and a year if the shelf life of the food is more than 3 month but no more than 18 month
With a year if the shelf life of the food is more than 18 month.

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